Spinal Pain

Spinal Pain refers to any form of pain that affects the lumbar region (lower back), cervical region (neck), and thoracic spine. Spinal pain in the lumbar and cervical regions is highly prevalent, with lumbar sprains and strains being the most common cause of low back pain.

Lumbar muscle strain is caused when muscle fibres are stretched or torn; lumbar sprain refers to the unusual stretching of ligaments that hold bones together. Either of these injuries cause soft tissues around the spine to become inflamed, causing pain and muscle spasms.

Treatments for Spinal Pain

Spinal Pain will often improve on its own within a few weeks or months, however, in some cases, the pain may last for a long time or keep returning. Some self-care actions, such as exercises and stretches and staying as active as possible, may help with Spinal Pain. Hot or cold compresses may also be helpful to relieve pain.

Some cases may require the use of anti-inflammatory painkillers – from over-the-counter medicines to prescribed pain killers. Your doctor may also refer you to a physiotherapist for further help.

Medical Cannabis Treatments

A significant proportion of medical cannabis studies aim to assess the pain-relieving potential of these medicines. Research has shown that medical cannabis can be useful in reducing pain and muscle spasms associated with a number of conditions.

The Wellford Medical Clinics specialises in medical cannabis treatment for pain management. Our specialist clinicians assess every case carefully to provide relevant and meaningful advice and treatment.

Most Common Causes

  • Lumbar strains and sprains
  • Damage to the cervical spine region
  • Damage to the thoracic spine region
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