Wellford Medical Clinics

Dr Ali Ajaz

MBBS, BSc, MRCPsych, PGCert

Dr Ali Ajaz is a Consultant Psychiatrist and an academic with a specialist interest in medical education and research. He graduated from Guy’s, King’s & St Thomas School of Medicine and trained in East London in the field of forensic mental health. He worked in the NHS for 17 years, before starting his own clinical practice in Canary Wharf, London. Dr Ajaz has held Consultant roles in adult forensic mental health, neurodevelopmental disorders and older adults with neurodegenerative disease. Dr Ajaz uses a functional health approach to finding mental health solutions for his patients, with a particular focus on identifying and treating root causes.

Dr Ajaz has enjoyed an academic career as a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Queen Mary University London for over 10 years where he was responsible for delivery of the psychiatry curriculum teaching for medical students. His academic work has been consistently published in peer-reviewed journals during this period and continues to undertake both local and international research in medical education. Dr Ajaz holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education from the University of Bedfordshire and he is currently undertaking a research doctorate degree (MD Res). He is co-chair of the Doctors for Patients UK group, which provides free CPD meetings for UK doctors focusing on patient-centred and ethical medicine.